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There's random chance. There's synchronicity.
And then there's free will flux.
In this metaphysical fiction debut novel by Sage Kalmus,
the survivors of an apocalyptic event struggle to adapt to a world
where the once-familiar laws of physics no longer apply.
As space, time and matter unravel around them, a handful of strangers,
each seeking something or someone they lost, discover each other
and find that all their stories are the same story.
Reader praise for Free Will Flux:
"Buckle up for a nonstop edgy, roller coaster ride through matters of human perception, consciousness, emotion, survival, and human commitment to another."

"Rarely have I encountered a story that conveys 'new thought' ideas in such accessible, down-to-earth ways, and that's saying a lot for what's supposedly a work of science fiction."

"...combines new scientific theories with the intensity of a fast-moving thriller while making me think about my own views on the evolution of mankind and what I want my role to be."

"Sage Kalmus' writing is destined to be regarded by a new generation of readers with the same reverence as those of us who know and appreciate Heinlein's and Asimov's work."

"...opened my mind on many different levels and entertained far beyond expectations."

"I could not put it down."

"Get a copy and don't let anyone else near it until you've finished!"

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What's it About?

In the metaphysical fiction novel Free Will Flux, the survivors of a worldwide earthquake struggle to adapt to a world where the laws of physics have started breaking down. Time speeds up, slows down and changes direction. Space folds in on itself, with objects - and people - suddenly disappearing and reappearing in the oddest of places. And matter turns malleable, any one thing liable to change into another with no warning.

Isaac Pressman is everybody's favorite network news anchor and a terminally distant father to his recalcitrant teenage boy who goes missing in the aftermath.

Savannah Fuentes is an Irish-American sculptress living with her farmer husband on their Mexican ranch who loses a baby she didn't know she was carrying only to watch her beloved husband, seemingly as a result, lose his mind.

Joe's earliest memory is appearing in a pitch black mine in the throes of collapsing in on itself. He emerges to find himself stranded in a mountain wasteland that seems to be actively thwarting his every effort at escape. And the only thing stranger than this near-interminable maze in which he finds himself is the people he meets at its end.

As space, time and matter unravel around them, these three strangers, each seeking something or someone they lost, find each other and discover that all their stories are part of the same single story.

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Metaphysical fiction by Sage Kalmus